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4 Democracy Unleashed

A disunited leadership almost always steps into a ditch instead of finding a path across what seem insurmountable mountains. Once the leaders fall into the ditch, the natives spear them and have a cookout. Indeed, this is what justice looks like; unfortunately, it leaves the people who followed the leaders at a loss of what to do next.

In the mind of this blogger, the situation of Latvians under the present leadership has them marching under the banner of “Salvation is just around the corner!” However, the first corner they came to turned to the right, but it did not turn out to be the right right turn. So, they turned left, but discovered that a left turn from a right turn still leaves them on the right side of the center, which is why they turned left again, which took them back to the center.

So, should the Latvian leadership move left once more to be sure that they are in fact where they began? The Latvian PM  recently confirmed that Latvians were now indeed where they began twenty years ago.
The latter is the direction taken by the political party known as “The Tuned Center Party”, re Saskaņas Centrs. Having first taken a right turn—something that all Latvian political parties did when they broke loose from the very left Soviet Union—the party, feeling that it was different for all that, turned left. This still left it a left-right party. So they took another left. This put them in a neutral-center position, which is where they started from. So they have now taken further steps to the left. Which makes everyone ask: So, just where is it that “The Tuned Center-Left Party” is really at?

To answer the question, we must first find out why the party, now back where it started from, is tilting center-left.
For one, “The Tuned Center Party” has promised that given the financial and economic crisis caused by the right wing parties through excessive borrowing (which process allowed them to briefly feel they were on the road of perpetual wealth), it would not reduce the pensioners’ pensions come what may. This declaration leaves one to imagine that the party will reduce child support instead. A Latvian mother with four children who now receives Ls 32 ($64) total monthly support may receive even less and, thus, accelerate the demographic death spiral of Latvia’s population, while the pensioners or elderly will perhaps not freeze in the winter and live a little longer.

Such political positioning leaves “The Tuned Center-Left Party” now technically to the center-left and hoping to receive a majority of pensioner’s votes.

Meanwhile, the center-right parties have confirmed that they are not only looking Westward, but may renege (in a move that is implicitly oppositionary to the West) on the IMF (International Monetary Fund) loan. To put it in plain English: “Shkehle and Shlesers [literally “Slice” and “Turnkey”, the first a former PM, the latter Vicemayor of Riga] are convinced that for the sake of economic development of Latvia it is essential to attract investors, and to better utilize the aid from the European Union Fund [lit. transl.; ?European Central Bank? (ECB)]. The goal according the two leaders should be to earn (money) and not cut the budget.” Blogger’s translation. Technically speaking, this ought to get these two “business” candidates the vote of everyone who does not wish to see the budget cut for health, retirement, childcare, etc.
Recently this blogger received an email from “Embassy in USA” (Latvian Embassy; with an email rather than a website address imbedded). It sends the following with regard to the upcoming elections: “Good day! With regard to the election of the 10th Saeima, it will be appreciated if [citizens] will recommend to [to their respective Latvian] organizations (?) an “October 2” working group [whose goal it will be?] reaching the maximum participation of citizens in the elections of the 10th Saeima and, if possible, to declare [citizen] readiness to participate, within time constraints, in said group”. Blogger’s translation; see original at * asterisk below.

The letter is politically neutral. However, there is at least one important reason for abstaining from “October 2”.
“October 2” will not include not-voters, that is to say, it will not include people who would like to vote but will not vote because there are no Parliamentary parties worth the vote. Not-voters are not nonvoters. Not-voters are voters with no one to vote for. They are smart enough to figure out what the above mentioned “Slice” and “Turnkey” and “The Tuned Center Party” are saying or not saying, and that they are likely to do the same as they did before: when in office ignore the voters.

“October 2” does is (or soon will be) a pro-parliamentary government group that excludes not-voters, citizens who will not-vote for parliamentary government on the sacred principle that there is never a government system, whether it is all-pro-democratic or not, because to every movement to the right (and a one-of-a-kind government is such), there is also a movement in the opposite direction. Of course, it is unlikely that not-voters will always be 50:50 with pro-voters, or 33:66 with pro-voters and nonvoters as 2nd and 3rd parties. The percentage of not-voters will swing from a minority to a majority with the performance of the government, i.e., how much care the government has taken to be egalitarian on the egalitarian or populist side of the parliamentary system.
If in some places of the world a minority of 2% of a nation’s inhabitants own 50% or more of the nation’s resources and wealth, then not-voters are likely to be 98%, with pro-voters only 2%. However, in the voting system of today, which includes activists in “October 2”, egalitarianism has a built-in swing in favor of the “princely” parliamentarians who form the establishment at least since the Magna Carta in England. Revolutionary at its time, the parliamentary system has essentially imitated the democracy established by the Magna Carta and leaves it to the elites. If today’s elites are no longer “princes”, they are oligarchs and corporations-with-the-rights-of-individuals that oligarchs own. Such a built-in millennia long prejudice automatically excludes “heretics”, “pagans”, and now also “Christians”. [See comments of former Latvian FM and member of Saeima Janis Jurkans on religion in Latvia here or at asterisk ** below.]

Parliamentary democracy in Latvia does not allow a direct democracy, that is, a government elected by the electors directly. It disallows the state a governmental infrastructure that differs from a parliamentary system. Moreover, the present Constitution makes itself a dictatorship and provides no tools with which to replace it with a direct democracy or any other governmental infrastructure, say, one where a government elected by direct elections for twenty years is followed by five years of an authoritarian government. The last would come into being to set things of the previous twenty years aright or fine-tune them.

This blogger believes that it is time we begin to imagine that we live in times that end parliamentary government and transit to a government elected by the voters directly. This is a good time to switch the gears and excit a corrupt parliamentary government for an authoritarian government for, say, the next five years. The authoritarian government would be responsible for calling together a Constitutional Convention.

The circumstances that encourage voters to do original research are rife. The people are near 98% not-voters (in this bloggers opinion)—whatever the “October 2” group may think. In short, “October 2” will not unleash an epic pro-voter surge as establishmentarians think, but are likely to soon become self-conscious of being an exclusionary group.

Asterisks & Other
* “Labdien! 10. Saeimas vēlēšanas sakarā, ir vēlams savā tuvākajā centrā nekavējoties ieteikt organizācijām kopīgi attīstīt ārkārtēju "2. oktobra" darba grupu ar mērķi sasniegt maksimālo apkārtnes pilsoņu līdzdalību 10. Saeimas vēlēšanās un, ja iespējams, brīvprātīgi pieteikt savu gatavību līdzdarboties darba grupā iespēju robežās.”
** - Jūs taču piederat pie Pujata baznīcas. - Es piederēju,.. bet vairs nepiederu un negribu piederēt. Šlesers ir nopircis gan baznīcu, gan pujatus. Baznīca tautai ir nozagta, tā vairs nav autoritāte, kādai tai vajadzētu būt. Komunistu laikos mācītājus neredzēja sēžam partiju kongresos un slavējam partiju vadoņus. Tagad es dzirdu, ka luterāņu baznīca grib pārdod savus īpašumus, lai samaksātu algu mācītājiem. Man tas šķiet noziedzīgi. Ja kāda draudze nespēj uzturēt baznīcu, tad tā draudzei nav vajadzīga.
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