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10 The 4th Awakening=NOT-VOTE
The TenthAmendment of the American Constitution states that “The powers not delegated to the United States  by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

To see what the Tenth Amendment means look here.  In brief, as states Professor Thomas DiLorenzo: “The real purpose of the [American Civil] war was to end once and for all the ability of American citizens to control the federal government by possessing the powers given to them by the Tenth Amendment, including the power of nullifying unconstitutional federal laws, and secession or the threat of secession.”

On the “Big Stakes” playing fields, President Abraham Lincoln was against state powers and the people’s right to escape a centralized government, while Thomas Jefferson believed that the Tenth Amendment was the cornerstone of the Constitution. In effect, it was Lincoln, according to Professor DiLorenzo, who broke the back of democracy. This created conditions that would give corporations the rights of individuals, which enabled these “individuals” to use corporate money to create individuals in the image of merciless giants.
The Tenth Amendment for the United States is currently dead de facto if not to the nth degree yet, though there are people who still struggle to keep it alive de jure. I support them and even insist that the rights to de jure be always alive to become de facto when the time arrives.

What needs to come to the surface by some kind of mass action that is not-violent—yet at the same time brings terror to government officials—that signals that the days when the suppression of the people’s sovereign right over themselves are over. On the political arena this right may be asserted by building a successful NOT-V0TE campaign that reduces the number of votes on voting day to below 50%, preferably bringing % down to 20% or lower. After years of calling for reform of government and receiving vacuous support from politicians who know that “reform” is an empty word, the time is for the least of direct actions that citizens may perform: NOT-VOTE; yet achieve a revolutionary result. The silence of the media over alternatives to the existing system—for example, one in which the NOT-VOTE is a guaranteed freedom—will find the pinprick that breaks the silence.
The prick is likely to come from the people, the populace, the feared Populismus Tyrannus Rex, which has replaced the once despised Jew in as the enemy of real or would be Oligarchs Club.

While it may be difficult to achieve a NOT-VOTE in the USA with 300 million people, it is easier done in a smaller state with relatively few citizens. Latvia is ideal for becoming the spark that initiates the reawakening of the political systems. Great changes must come to the Great “Civilizaciya”. In Latvia there may be around 700,000 eager NOT-VOTERS. All that needs to be done is to persuade the zeitgeist that the NOT-VOTE is not a cup cake, but a pinprick that hurts all the longer one sits on it. This is why the scream is ready to break out—even if it has been held behind the vocal cords for a few centuries. Once the NOT-VOTE has been successfully tested in Latvia, others will gain courage to do likewise. The time has come to nullify the system captured by democracy dictated by oligarchies. In other words, first is the question, then the NOT-VOTE. The democracy that became a democracy in state of self-denial and pretentiousness ought to go “Puff!”
True, there is no guarantee that the present government (wherever a NOT-V0TE is attempted) may not turn dictatorial. But the risk is commensurable with the reward.

A globalized NOT-VOTE will end the perverse fantasy that creates a system frozen in goodness and positivism.  It will become clear or clearer who THE PEOPLE are, when we meet at “The Constitutional Assembly for The Rewriting of The Constitution”.

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