Thursday, May 13, 2010

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6 The Importance of The-Not-Vote (Cont.)

Even as Mick Hume wrote his pre-election blog essay "The abstentionist elephant in the room"  at “Spiked”, a site about English politics, Latvian politics (elitely handled by government and Latvian media hacks) waddles (a sort of balancing act) toward October 2, the election day on which Latvian voters are supposed to discharge their pent up rage against a corrupt government in a NO CHOICE orgasm on the behalf of a dysfunctional government.

That the government has well earned the contempt of the public for its corruption and inability to carry through a reform of itself (the so-called ‘structural reforms’) is a fact. It was worse than a sad day though when the Latvian media became anti-populist in its political orientation. Such an orientation is best illustrated by the endless flow of anti-populist references embedded in off-hand negative references to “populism”. Such an orientation is also observable in the media shows known as “What Is Happening in Latvia?” (Kas notiek Latvijā?), where Mr. Domburs, the host of the show—now seemingly for an eternity—interviews government officials, ministers, party officials, NGO chairpersons, and an assortment of “politologues” about everything under the sun, but what is happening in Latvia.

One such elitely irrelevant “Mr. Domburs Show” (as the show ought to be more properly called) occurred last night as the host interrogated a half a dozen economists and bankers on the subject "Whether the economy in Latvia has reached its low point". Those who understand Latvian can judge for themselves the irresolute (vapidly inconclusive chatter) offered, while the catastrophe of unemployment thrust on top of an already dire economic condition known as mass poverty marches on unnoticed by the show.
What appears to be an illegal intrusion by the Latvian Security Police (Drošības Policija) into a highly respected journalist’s apartment [the intrusion into the apartment of Ilze Nagle, an investigative journalist of the Latvian TV program known as “De Facto”, occurred on the evening the intrusion was approved by a Latvian procurator, but before it was approved by the Court; the Court approved the intrusion post-fact, that is, the following morning] is being followed by Juris Kaža at his blog site, re here. I suspect that Mr. Kaža will have lots more to write on the subject.
I invite the readers’ special attention to the interview with Seymore Hersh at "Other Readings" link below.
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Partial entries of my blogs may be found at LatviansOnline + Forum Home + Open Forum – The-Not-Voter. If you copy this blog for your files, or copy to forward, or otherwise mention its content, please credit the author and  

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