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8 An Eye Popper or
To Whom It May Concern
(a brief interruption on the theme of not-voting)

I wonder if Jānis Domburs comment in his column [Delphi], {re: “… ekonomikas recesijas konsekvences, kas šobrīd būtu jāanalizē iespējami plaši, šobrīd ir "piezemējušās" uz Neo aizturēšanas un Ilze Naglas kratīšanas skandāla radīta "informatīvā spilvena”
[My trans.: …the consequences of the economic recession, which we ought to analyze with great thoroughness, are now interrupted by the arrest of Neo and the scandal that surrounds (the police search of) reporter Ilze Nagla’s apartment.]}

has certain echoes also at LatviansOnline. I was amazed to read a poster who frequently harries my posts, posting the following at another site at LO, re:

Posted: 13 May 2010 10:48 AM I was inside of the MK building when all this happened, had no idea that it was going on. You might recognize someone in the pictures:

Really, no idea and in the building (MK—Ministru Kabinets) at that? Is [Tom] just voicing his personal insecurities by presenting himself as a VIP (Very Important Person) yet once again (he has previously associated himself with unnamed NGOs) at the right place at the right moment (?) or is Tom indeed a VI undercover Person at LO, a hired gun to harass people who have other than conformist views with regard to Latvia, especially its politics and history?

Another poster, who signs himself /P (sometimes also as Peteris Cedrins) has similar traits to that of Tom. /P harasses posters, spends enormous amounts of time On Air, brags of being a speech writer for a Latvian President, tells of having worked for the Chancery, and having been commissioned by Ojārs Kalnins, the Director of the Latvian Information Institute, to write a history pamphlet on Latvia. After being harassed by /P over a blog entry and told at an earlier time that my entries would be “mocked”, I posted the following:

Posted: 22 March 2010 10:08 AM This site leads to Blog 92:  For transition from proto-Latvian Kingdom of Jersika to modern state of Latvia [the image of which is currently under the direction (or is it sabotage?) of … the Chicago School of Latvia] see blogs from 58 on. As for Peteris Cedrins I am not sure if he works for the Latvian Institute or only wrote some history “text” for it. However, I clearly remember the director of the institute asking him in a post at LatviansOnline if PC should not be elsewhere at the time he was posting. I found the connection puzzling at the time. Perhaps it is not so puzzling after all if it is all in a day’s work.

Peteris Cendrins responded: Posted: 22 March 2010 10:24 AM I can solve the puzzle for you. I don’t work for anybody anymore, in the sense of direct employment. I do contract work. OK the PR Man was being quite justifiably nasty because I was being intensely unreliable and he was waiting for the history text I contracted with LI for. I was late by a grand stretch. I never claimed to work for LI—nor would I want to; working for the Chancery was quite enough. If you have concrete beefs, please throw some cement. If not—enjoy a song. Vysu lobu, /P

Does calling OK (Ojars Kalnins, Director of the Latvian Institute) a PR Man make /P somehow a man less that 30 whom the readers at LO can trust? (In fact, /P is 46, an age when men who seek a second life-career if the first misfired are likely doomed to do as they did before.) Does “intensely unreliable” dismiss suspicions of /P acting as a government censor—more accurately disruptor of flow of thought—at LatviansOnline? Of course, I have no way of telling what other “contract work” /P does, but I certainly would not take his word for it. Perhaps someone else at LO will recollect Ojars Kalnins post asking whether /P ought not to be harassing posters at LatviansOnline, but ought to be elsewhere. Perhaps similar exchanges exist at other posts. Perhaps other posters at LO remember such posts.

The readers of my posts at LO know that I have posted many blogs there. Some of these I have posted at LO exclusively, some I have posted at my own blogsite, but taken advantage of LO platform to notify its readers of such posts. One obvious reason for not posting at LO exclusively is that the site limits a post to 4000 characters, but my blogs often exceed that number many times over.

Over approximately three years, I have created a rough outline of a different past for the people who once lived in the territory now known as Latvia. One difference is that I interpret the term “pagan” as belonging to a long outdated version of history of proto-Latvians, but a version (a myth really) still being peddled to Latvians at home and abroad by a Latvian government that—as the saying goes—fell out of the wheelbarrow yesterday or certainly has acted as if it did. Mr. /P has been a peddler of the orthodox version of Latvian history (one that on occasion I have referred to as zionationalist) with a fanaticism that only a Latvian by conversion (in this case by way of the Chicago School of Latvianism) can muster. I was exposed to this modern improved interpretation of Latvian history as long as seventy years ago. Still, I found enough holes in the “pagan” myth version to wonder about its accuracy, at least with regard to history that happened before the 16th century.

Since I can trace my paternal history in Latvia to about 1740 (and by way of DNA analysis to Croatia and thereabout in the centuries preceding), I was especially curious why there were dates of birth and death and hints about occupation, but silence regarding specifics. Perhaps the silence is explainable by poor, limited, and lost records. Subsequently, based on a considerable amount of reading of events that occurred round about the 11th to 15th centuries and the voluminous work done by the Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko, I worked out a rough sketch for an alternate history, which I call the “Children of Johns” (Jāņu bērni) history of Latvia. The paranoia manifested by “Tom” and “/P” by way of behaviour that interrupts others, suggests that—as in the case of modern Israel—the current government of Latvia can comfortably legitimate itself only by insisting on an orthodox “Christian” past preceded by backward paganism.

I expect that other Latvians may criticize my version of Latvian history, and indeed I may learn from it. On the other hand, the fact that two posters should continue hammering with sometimes abusive and always interruptive posts, makes me wonder if they are under contract to the current Latvian government with which I, for one, have my differences.

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