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30 Herman’s Opinion

Just a day or two ago, I received the latest installment of pro-Vienotība (pro-Unity) campaign advisory. This time it was concerning the opinions of the internationally famous Latvian theatre director Hermanis, here as reported in the Apollo portal. The entire article may be accessed at the pro-Vienotība (pro-Unity) journal „Ir”, apparently in return for a subscription.

Alvis Hermanis, the renowned director of the New Riga Theatre, opines that the entire political “pool” [actually the Jurmala beach—blogger] has turned yellow from the piss of Latvian politicians swimming in their own. Now that election time is upon us, the politicians are inviting the rest of the public to come into the yellow pool and swim with them.

According to Hermanis: “The educated Latvians will vote for “Vienotība” (Unity), the pensioners will vote for ‘Fatherland’ [i.e., nationalistic parties], whereas the people living in the countryside will vote for those who have turned the swimming pool yellow. The result will be the deconstruction of Latvia as a state.””

Continues Hermanis: “That the majority of Latvians may be called ‘stupid’ (mulķi) was proven when the referendum to dismiss the Saeima [the 100 member parliamentary legislative body of the Latvian government—blogger] did not pass for a lack of sufficient voter participation. In this sense, Latvians have been put in hawk by the majority.”

This blogger takes issue with Alvis Hermanis with regard to only one item (which issue may, however, lead to other issues). This is Hermanis' suggestion that the ‘educated’ Latvians will vote for Vienotība (Unity) and that it is necessarily an educated or smart thing to do, or that the ‘stupid’ people from the countryside have tied the hands of the ‘educated’ ones. As this blogger sees it, it is rather the ‘educated’ Latvians—from whose ranks apparently come most of those who have turned the Gulf of Riga yellow with their piss—who have reneged on any responsibility as far as leadership of the Latvian nation is concerned.

At least the traditional point of view about leadership is that leadership earns its druthers by leading by example. The current vogue of leading is to first stuff one’s pockets with public monies and other public resources, then throw up hands (look, ma, they are empty) and declare themselves helpless. Such helplessness manifests itself in all quarters of government, but is especially noteworthy among the ranks of past and present members of the Saeima, and the ranks of former and current Prime Ministers and Presidents of Latvia.

In short, the leading body of the Latvian government does not lead by example when it comes to the example of self-sacrifice. It must be emphasized that the point being made here is not over sacrifice per se, because the government has no hesitations about sending Latvian soldiers to Afghanistan. The point is that the unselfsacrificers in government offices occupy their offices on the basis of the presumption that the office requires no sacrifice, least of all an actual sacrifice of life or career. What a horrible, barbaric, and vulgar thought! Imagine VVF, and GU (in his new King Lear role), and VZ all moving to live in an abandoned peasant shack (there are many to chose from) in Latgale instead of their posh apartments by the Full of Piss seashore, aka Jurmala?

A large segment of the Latvian public media is also in full support of anti-self-sacrificial government ruling over a ‘stupid’ Latvian public. [Incidentally, if my memory serves right, the Latvian voter was first called “stupid” by a former Latvian Prime Minister now living and playing golf in the State of Florida, USA.] In my previous blog (29), I pointed to the charade knows as “100. pants preses clubs” on Friday evenings on LTV1. This is not to say that LNT’s Monday evening show “Latvia, we hear you” (Latvija mēs tevi dzirdam) led by Haralds Burkovskis, attended by the chairman of the neocapitalist party (PLL) campaign manager, advertiser Stendzenieks, and PLL party chairman Andrejs Ēķis is anything other than pure propaganda...

The question of leadership through the charisma of self-sacrifice is of course not only a Latvian people’s problem. The whole world is suffering today governments entirely lacking charisma. The idea of modern government—introduced by the so-called Age of Enlightenment, that Reason would create and maintain democracy—has fallen apart. The United States of America is the most obvious ruin of Democracy. Suffice to point out its attempt to export “freedom” by means of violence.

Thus, while agreeing with director Alvis Hermanis about the Gulf of Riga being full of the piss of politicians, my question to him as an imaginative director of theatre is: “Can you choreograph a scenario in which a politician turns himself into an object of charisma; or failing to find such a politician, stage a street theatre performance where a group of like-minded ‘stupid’ countryside Latvians come together, and under the eye of television commit seppuku?” Might this not be a way for your intelligence to liberate your fellow countrymen from your curse on them? [Long ago I watched a street theatre group from the U. of Minn. perform anti-nuke theatre on the streets of Boston.] For a “classic” scenario, I can offer “Tiresia’s Revenge”, my interpretation of the Oedipus story at , blogs 41-47.

DO NOT FORGET TO GO AND NOT-VOTE! This is to avoid being among the “stupid”. A NOT-VOTE means a vote for change of system; for provoking a crisis that will call forth a Constitutional Assembly to rewrite the Constitution (Satversme); that will most likely institute a four-year long authoritarian government (under the supervision of the EU); etc.

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