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18 Sex and Johns Eve (2)

John the Water Curer (also known as John the Baptist) became overconfident. Freed from dependency on women all but in fantasy, John told King Herod that it was not good for him to sleep with his brother’s wife. He told the King that the whole community was beginning to imitate his behavior and it might become a tradition. Such behavior was breaking down the community, not building it up.

King Herod had not thought that the whole nation would begin to imitate him. So, his solution was to get John to shut up.

The trouble for the King was that John was confident, very confident. John was very much a sovereign over himself. There would be no secret police file on him. So he repeated his criticism, and again told King Herod that he better stop having sexual relations with his brother’s wife.
King Herod knew that he could not touch John by way of finding his behavior worse than his own. The secret path of celibacy was protecting John from attacks by Herod. While everyone knew what the secret was, Herod could not bring it into the open, because there was no man or woman who could claim to neever having relieved themselves of sexual tension by their own hand. Such a claim would make the claimer suspect of not being human.

King Herod wondered if there was some other way to trap John.

It happened that Herod had a daughter called Salome. Salome was a bad young woman. Her father had slept with her when she was fourteen and robbed her of all discretion in sexual matters. She had no inner sexual fantasy to speak of, because all her sexual fantasies could be realized. King Herod went to consult with Salome.

After Salome had heard King Herod out, she asked: “Does John have a girlfriend?”
“No,” answered the king.

“Then I know what his trouble is,” said Princess Salome. “He satisfies himself by his own hand. He is as much untouchable as is every woman’s challenge.”

“He must be stopped. I will chop off his hands,” said Herod.

“You cannot kill all the sheep,” answered Salome. “But I will dance for him,” the Princess added. “I will lure John out of himself. I will make him stand up.”

“John’s will not stand up for you or anybody but himself and his fantasy,” said King Herod. “I must make him shut up.”

“He will not shut up, father,” said Salome. “But don’t worry. I will have fun.”

“What will you do?” asked King Herod beginning to suspect something delicious in the offing.

“I will dance before John. You have the guards tie his hands behind him. Let them pull up his robe and wrap the hem of the robe under and around his arms at the back of his waist. Have them tie his ankles to the chair. Then I will dance before him.”

“Wow!” said King Herod.
“If you want to, you can watch,” said Princess Salome.

[The painter Picasso had a series of studies with himself as the old King watching young John making love to Desire herself.]

King Herods guards went to find John and took him prisoner. They brought him to Jerusalem with his hands tied behind his back and his robe pulled back to expose his genitals. Everyone in Jerusalem rushed to see.

After due exposure of John to the public eye, King Herod took John into his castle. He did not allow the public. He had the guards lock the gates, told the kitchen maids to stay in the kitchen, and then went with Salome and John under guard into his salon. The King had invited his brother and his wife to be his guests. A few chamberlains and chamber maids also sneaked in. The doors were shut behind them. They were in a large velvet crimson bedroom.
“What do you have to say for yourself, John,” asked Herod when John was sat down. “I hear that you do not know how to use that thing between your legs on women.”

“Oh, noble King,” answered John, “thou shalt not sleep with your brother’s wife.”

Herod’s brother’s wife Angelina hit John in the face with her fist.

“I understand what you are saying, John,” said King Herod. "Understanding things is not my trouble. However, I am troubled to hear that you will not get it up for women. If that is true, I will off with your head for sure.”

“Thou shall not sleep with ….” Before John could say the next word, a towel was wrapped around his mouth and tied tightly behind his head.
All torches and candles were put out but four candles. Then Princess Salome began her dance. She was covered by seven veils. She spun between the candles without the veils catching on flame—except when she tossed one directly onto one. Then the room lit up and revealed the next veil. It was bright yellow like the Sun that lights up the day.

The next veil after that was green, and then came orange. The fourth color was purple. Then came brown. It smelled like baked bread. Then came a pink one. The last was black. Then she stood before John almost naked.

John stood his ground and remained limp. His fantasy was unmoved.
Salome, the Princess of Desire in the heat of desire is challenged by John's immobility. She moved her underarm past John’s nose. John could not but have a sniff. John pretended not to like the smell of Salome.

Salome decided to waterboard John, but had the guards replace the water with wine. She made John drink two large gourds, at which point John had to piss where he was. Salome then ordered the guards to untie John’s mouth and put a whistle between his teeth. “That is all you will have to breathe if you do not get it up soon.” Salome let John blow his breath out through the whistle, but took it out for John to catch his breath. “I want to see you get it up, John,” said Salome, “or the next time you will breathe air through the whistle and it will be your last.”
John said unto himself: “Oh dear.” And he repeated “oh dear” many times. John also remembered what King Herod had said unto him about losing his head. He knew that he had to make up his mind to either get his Ding up, die for lack of breath, or lose his head. John decided to stay in charge of himself and lose his head.

Everyone may imagine what happened next. Salome did not give up easily. Perhaps she warmed up some butter and had it pored over John. Others may think of mayonnaise. Obviously, these are only two of a great many possibilities.
So, how does this connect to NOT-VOTING? To insist there is one may seem odd, until you read that this story is in answer to the Latvian Pro-Vote team (LetUsVote, which has put Kārlis Skalbe, a well known Latvian poet and writer of the first half of the 20th century, as the flag bearer of the pro-vote campaign. Unfortunately, Skalbe died more than a half a century ago, and his idea of Latvia is but myth now. Skalbe may be turning over in his grave, but his dream has to be imagined in another setting and in other ways today.

The only way that Latvia may survive in the future is through consciousness rising. Nevertheless, for twenty years the state has been dumbing the Latvian people down. As radical a move as recently made by Iceland to become a protectorate of the free word is perhaps thinkable in Latvia, but only a few will have thought of it or have other ideas how to make Latvia a place of need for the world. Most Latvian internet sites refuse to think controversial thoughts. The in-grown and nailed-down mentality of politicians rather has the country die. Therefore, be a NOT-VOTER!

Have a great Johns Eve eve.

[Next blog “Sex and Johns Eve (3)”. Conclusion.]

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